Topic: Stress Management

Charles dines with seminar participantsCharles divides stress management into two categories. The first is learning to manage your environment: time management, money management, organization skills, etc. The second category is learning to manage your reaction to your environment: learning to control and eliminate anxiety & boredom using goal setting, posture, breath, meditation, etc.


This workshop is highly experiential. Participants will learn a variety of tools to address different situations, and then have an opportunity to practice and experience the power for immediate change that these tools provide.


Program Topics

* General strategies for eliminating or handling stress.
* Tools: goal setting; time management; money management; yoga (posture, breath, visualization).
* Recognizing which tools are most helpful for different situations.
* Customizing strategies to address specific individual environments.


* Large group lecture, discussion and Q&A.
* Small group and individual experiential exercises.
* Large and small group discussion.
* Support materials including manuals and mind maps.


Length of Time

* Keynote Speech
* Workshop 2-8 hrs.