Charles MacInerney:
Keynote Speaker, Employee Training and Development

Charles MacInerney is a professional speaker, keynote speaker and employee training and development specialist, lives and works in Austin Texas. Charles, a member of the National Speaker Association, travels extensively as a professional keynote speaker.


Charles MacInerneyHe offers custom employee training and development programs for small businesses, the health care industry, Government agencies, Universities and corporate training and development programs. He organizes and facilitates professional corporate retreats. Charles has extensive experience leading group retreats throughout the US, Mexico, Guatemala, and Costa Rica.


In 1989 Charles founded Expanding Paradigms. He teaches and speaks on a diverse range of topics, including: Peak Performance; Mind Mapping; Improving Concentration; Expanding Paradigms; Team Building; Creativity; Stress Management; Breathing; Meaning and Purpose in the Workplace.


Charles co-created and organized the highly successful 1998 Heart of Business Conference in Austin, Texas. This 3-day business conference focused on spiritual values in the workplace and featured Margaret Wheatley and David Whyte.




"I have attended three workshops by Charles and have been impressed not only with his substantive presentations but also with his stylistic poise as a platform speaker. As a public speaking professor and communication analyst myself, I can attest that his public speaking skills are of a high order." - John Rodden, College of Communication, The University of Texas at Austin